We all have workers spread across multiple locations and/or working remotely these days, and whilst VPN's have been the default choice for 20 years, there are now better options to consider. VPN's can be clunky to use, introduce latency and cause overhead in managing passwords and other client issues. They also offer little granular control over what happens when a user is inside the network, offer little protection against transferred threats, and have zero audit trail. 

Check Point Harmony Connect, Check Point's SASE solution, solves all these problems whilst offering seamless, trouble-free and fast access for users. It secures access to corporate applications, SaaS and the internet for any user, from any device, without compromising on security. 

    • offers access via an authentication portal from any device without worrying about the cleanliness of the device or the wifi network it's using
    • gives easy granular control regarding who can access what and when
    • provides full audit trail so when something goes wrong, you can recreate every single key press to understand whether an action was taken maliciously or by mistake
    • gives options as standard for client installed or clientless remote access through a SASE portal which means that it's perfect for developers, users and contractors alike. Just set the parameters you need as required and change them on the fly whenever you wish (or have us do it for you)

We strongly recommend our managed service which means that configuration and ongoing monitoring will be completed for you by Lithify's expert consultants, so that you can enjoy the world's most comprehensive protection without worrying about day to day running. No skills required. If you are already familiar with Check Point are skilled in implementation and wish to purchase licence only, an option is also available, please click here

Subscriptions are offered with annual or monthly payments. Prices are quoted  per user but a minimum user count of 150 users applies. The bundle offered on the sign up page reflects this quantity and any additional users can be added as an option. Please check the quantity of licences required carefully during subscription sign up. If you would like a smaller number of users, please ask us as other options may be possible. 

Sesseto's Check Point Credentials

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